A photo of the book cover of 星の王子さま, the Japanese version of Le Petit Prince

The Little Prince

ceReading The Little Prince is always a good way to practice reading in a foreign language. It’s not a difficult book and the story being well known, it is easy to fill the gap of unknown words and to concentrate on the language rather than the story.

When I bought that book some months ago, I didn’t think much about which translation I should buy. I just picked one of the 3 or 4 different editions that were in the bookshop and started reading the first page. It was full of grammar point I had just learned so I didn’t even had a look at the other translations and bought the one I had in the hand.

It is this version : 星の王子さま、サン=テグジュペリ、河野万里子 訳、新潮文庫、2006

I hesitated wether I should post on this book or not, because it is not a japanese novel. But I think it is a book one can read with a N3 level (it is an estimation though) so maybe having vocabulary list could interest some people. In the end, I am really enjoying comparing japanese and french versions.

First I only checked the french version when I was puzzled by something in japanese and then, I found interesting to compare japanese and french in itself. I am not a linguist and certainly not a specialist of japanese language so my remarks can’t have any scientific value. Please don’t hesitate to correct me if I am wrong on something or if you want to add, comment, or make a remark!

My reading notes: