My monthly goals

Since September 2018, I publish my language goals for the month on my blog. This is a history of the past months and how well I did.

December 2018

All done!!

November 2018

I achieved my reading goals for November, but I could have done better. November was not a good month for me, I have done almost nothing for two weeks. I haven’t written every day, but I did write regularly so it is not that bad. I have been reading two books on Japan History. Also, I have started the drama 『ビブリア古書堂の事件手帖』but I have decided to read the light novel before watching the episodes, so I am taking a break with the drama.

October 2018

All goals achieved! I have finished the three books listed!

September 2018

September goals 2018

I added all the words to Anki and I started a book by Higashino: 『流星の絆』. I could not complete my goal to read 40 pages of 「それでも、日本人は戦争を選んだ」but still read 20 pages. My best achievement is the LDP election. I have read a lot of articles about it in Japanese!