My monthly goals

Since September 2018, I publish my language goals for the current month on my blog. This is a history of the past months and how well I did.

January 2021

I had a lot of fun reading detective novels in January. I read the four books of my monthly plan and started the Kogoro Akechi series as part of my reading challenge for the year.

December 2020

I managed to complete my reading challenge and finish all my current reads before the end of the year.

November 2020

Completed!! I read 4 books of nonfiction in November, which feels like a great achievement to me 🙂

  • 『あのころ』by Momoko SAKURA (さくらももこ)
  •  『裁判者失格』 by Ryuichi TAKAHASHI (高橋隆一)
  •  『嫌われる勇気』 by Ichiro KISHIMI (岸見一郎) and Fumitake KOGA (古賀史健)
  •  『岩田さん』edited by Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun (ほぼ日刊イトイ新聞)

October 2020

I didn’t have any specific goal for October. I only read two novels in Japanese and a couple of nonfiction books in English.

September 2020

I managed to read four books from my TBR! They are:

  • 『探偵さえいなければ』 by Tokuya Higashigawa (東川篤哉)
  • 『蹴りたい背中』 by Risa Wataya (綿矢りさ)
  • 『本を読む人だけが手にするもの』by Kazuhiro Fujihara (藤原和博)
  • 『麒麟の翼』 by Keigo Higashino (東野圭吾)

August 2020

Challenge completed! I managed to read all four books of my list!

July 2020

I only read the first of the two novellas in 『蛍川・泥の河』, so I didn’t complete this part of the challenge. However, I not only read 100 pages of the nonfiction book, I even finished it! I thought it would be a difficult read, this is why I set myself a moderate goal, but it turned out to be easier than expected.

I also read some other books in July, all listed in my July wrap up.

June 2020

Completed! I read two books of the Galileo series, one children’s book and a novelisation:

  • 『予知夢』 and 『容疑者Xの献身』 by Keigo Higashino (東野圭吾)
  • 『日本沈没2020』 by Toshio Yoshitaka (吉高寿男)
  • 『おれがあいつであいつがおれで』by Hisashi Yamanaka (山中恒)

May 2020

Let’s be honest, I haven’t written in my diary as much as I would have liked. I am focusing more and more on reading many books so I guess that I will put writing aside for now.

I did manage to finish not 4 but 5 books in May:

  • 『無人島に生きる十六人』by Kunihiko Sugawa (須川邦彦)
  • 『僕はイエローでホワイトで、ちょっとブルー』 by Mikako Brady (ブレイディみかこ)
  • 『運転者』by Yasushi Kitagawa (喜多川泰)
  • 『駐在日記』 by Yukiya Shoji (小路幸也)
  • 『愛がなんだ』by Mitsuyo Kakuta (角田光代)

April 2020

Done!! I’ve never read so many books in Japanese in a month! The five books I read are:

  • 『私をくいとめて』by Risa Wataya (綿矢りさ)
  • 『ファーストラヴ』by Rio Shimamoto (島本理生)
  • 『錦繍』by Teru Miyamoto (宮本輝)
  • 『ぼくらの七日間戦争』by Osamu Soda (宗田理)
  • 『霧のむこうのふしぎな町』by Sachiko Kashiwaba (柏葉幸子)

There are two books for children in this list, and they were easier and quicker to read, but still… I am proud of myself! 😊

March 2020

I was successful in completing my challenge for March!

I have started and finished three books this month:

  • 『老後の資金がありません』by Miu Kakiya (垣谷美雨)
  • 『アンカー』by Bin Konno (今野敏)
  • 『草花たちの静かな誓い』by Teru Miyamoto (宮本輝)

You can read more about these books in my reading journal of March.

I also managed to find a way to improve my Japanese while playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I am writing a diary about what happens in the game in Japanese! More about that in this post!

February 2020

I am proud of myself this month! I have read a lot, finishing 4 books! I read my first Murakami novel in Korean and a nonfiction book, which allowed me to progress in my reading challenge for 2020. I have also found a good format for my series “Inhae reads the news” and started a new series “Reading journal” where I talk about the books that I am currently reading.

February has been a good month!

January 2020

I got my JLPT results and was proud to learn that I passed with full mark at reading!

I started reading several books, but haven’t finished them yet. I haven’t studied Anki since the JLPT, and it took me several days in January to finally study all the due cards.

December 2019

I have completely failed in my goals for December. In fact, after the JLPT, I just wanted to relax… I have read a lot but mostly in English, and with the Holiday Season, it was even more difficult to work on my blog or to study Japanese. I managed to read only one novel in Japanese, and I have not worked on the series “Inhae reads the news”. I did set up my reading goals for 2020 though, and this was very fun and exciting! 

November 2019

Done!! I have taken two practice tests towards the end of November. To be honest, I was not very motivated to sit at my desk for almost 3 hours, and I was not concentrated when I took the tests. I just wanted to put it behind me. It was not a clever thing to do though, because I performed poorly in both tests (especially the reading section), and in the end, I lost a good part of my confidence. I did pass in July, but if the practice tests that I have taken in November were the real test, I would have failed…

October 2019

I hadn’t concrete goals for October, I just wanted to get back to studying Japanese. I more or less succeeded. On the one hand, I did spend more time with Japanese, I read more and listen to more Japanese, but on the other hand, I didn’t do anything to prepare for the JLPT of December…

September 2019

Thank Goodness it’s September, I can feel that the Summer and the heat are slowly going away… but why is it so hard to be productive??

August 2019

I was supposed to start working for the JLPT of December, but I didn’t achieve much. It was very hard to do anything productive in August, the weather was way too hot, and I felt that I had no energy at all. I did study Anki and added new words to it from time to time. I also read some books, but I was unable to sit at my desk for long period of time…

July 2019

I took (and passed!!) the JLPT on July 7th, I went on holiday and… I didn’t make a new study plan. In fact, it was really hard to get back to study in July, I don’t know what I have been doing during the last days of the month, but I certainly have not been productive.

June 2019

June was the last month before the JLPT N1.

May 2019

I managed to spend a little more time reading.

April 2019

April was a good month for the JLPT, I was able to keep up with my program and even made a practice test towards the end of the month.

However, I haven’t read a lot. I did finish the two books of my list, but I haven’t been able to read and finish another book. I have spent several day without reading at all, I guess that the book I have picked (小説王 by 早見和真) is a little difficult and I felt discouraged at times.

March 2019

March was a strange month, with a trip to Japan in the middle that both renewed my motivation to get in touch with Japanese culture and forced me to take a break in my JLPT preparation.

It was hard to get back on track after the trip, but I managed to review most of my JLPT material. I haven’t read much in March, but I bought a lot of exciting books in Japan and I am starting a new reading challenge for the year.

Februarly 2019

I was a little discouraged in February. While I have achieved my reading goals, I didn’t feel very motivated for the JLPT and have skipped several days of study. The reason is the first practice test I took during the course of February. I found it hard, especially the reading section, and it discouraged me a little…

January 2019

I haven’t finished 『誰か』by Miyuki Miyabe. I like the book, but the plot is not very appealing and it is hard to feel committed to it in my opinion. I have reached p. 337, I hope that I can finish it in February.

My other goal was to read at least one other book, and I have read two!
『ボクたちはみんな大人になれなっかた』 by Moegara and a light novel,
『推理作家(僕)が探偵と暮らすわけ』by Shiki KUZUMI.

December 2018

All done!!

November 2018

I achieved my reading goals for November, but I could have done better. November was not a good month for me, I have done almost nothing for two weeks. I haven’t written every day, but I did write regularly so it is not that bad. I have been reading two books on Japan History. Also, I have started the drama 『ビブリア古書堂の事件手帖』but I have decided to read the light novel before watching the episodes, so I am taking a break with the drama.

October 2018

All goals achieved! I have finished the three books listed!

September 2018

September goals 2018

I added all the words to Anki and I started a book by Higashino: 『流星の絆』. I could not complete my goal to read 40 pages of 「それでも、日本人は戦争を選んだ」but still read 20 pages. My best achievement is the LDP election. I have read a lot of articles about it in Japanese!