insidethatjapanesebookWelcome on my site!

I am learning Japanese since August 2016, and I have created this site to keep track of my progress, gather all my reading notes, stay motivated and so on. At first, I saw it as a personal diary or study plan, and I even hesitated to make it public, but then, I realised that I enjoyed reading other language learners’ blog because it gave me a fresh energy every time I read other people’s posts. I thought that maybe, my blog could inspire other language learners and started creating new categories and organise my articles.

A presentation of my blog’s categories:

  • Motivation and daily study: When I learn a new language, I always wish that someone would learn with me and that we could share our progress and doubts. Well, the “motivation and daily study” section is a way to share my learning process with anyone who is looking for learning comrades, too.
  • Learning strategies: I gather there some learning tips that worked for me.
  • Japanese songs: This is a section that suits beginners, too (at least, I hope so). I just choose a song I like and analyse the lyrics.
  • Reading notes: This is a more personal section, where I gather the notes I take when I read a novel in Japanese. I do not usually take notes while reading, but I thought it might help me improve my reading skills if I noted vocabulary.
  • Currently reading: a presentation or review of the book I am currently reading in Japanese.
  • Japanese news: Reading news is still incredibly difficult to me, so I train myself by analysing articles.

I started this blog recently and created the last two categories even more recently so there are not a lot of contents, but it will grow bigger! I enjoy writing this blog as much as I enjoy learning Japanese, I hope you will enjoy reading it, too!

Note1: English is not my mother tongue, sorry if I make mistakes!

Note2: I have created an enthusiastic Japanese learner accompanied by her faithful but some times sarcastic cat to illustrate my blog.