Book Review: 『誰か』by Miyuki MIYABE


Title: 『誰か』(Somebody)
Author: Miyuki MIYABE (宮部みゆき)
Published by 文春文庫

Miyuki MIYABI is a famous author of mystery and science-fiction novels. 『誰か』is a mystery novel and the first book of the series featuring Saburo SUGIMURA (杉村三郎シリーズ).

The setting

Saburo SUGIMURA, the protagonist of this book and the whole series, works for his father-in-law’s company Imada Konzern. He lives with his wife and daughter and has nothing to do with detective work or investigation. But everything changes when his father-in-law’s private chauffeur dies in an accident. Sugimura will help the chauffeur’s two daughters to write a book on their father’s life, and an unexpected investigation will start.

Why I liked it but read it slowly

What I liked the most in this novel is the protagonist Saburo SUGIMURA. Sugimura does not have any particular skills, but he is kind and has a strong sense of justice, and it is easy to identify with him. I want to know how Sugimura will evolve so I will definitely read the other books of the series.

I found that the book had a realistic touch that might be frustrating for the amateur of detective novels. Sugimura is not a detective and while he does “investigate”, some or most of his work leads to nothing. On the one hand, it allowed me to identify with the protagonist and eventually like him, but on the other hand, I found that the plot was not engaging enough for a mystery novel.


While 『誰か』is not one of my favourite books, it made me want to read the other books of the series. To me, the characters are more important than the plot, and I will prefer a slow-paced plot with characters I like rather than a suspenseful story with characters that I cannot understand or with whom I cannot identify.

On my reading list: 『名もなき毒』!

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