Year: 2019

JLPT: Practise reading and listening!

When it comes to the reading and listening sections of the JLPT, concentration is key. It’s not enough to be able to understand difficult texts and audio, you have to be able to do it for more than one hour long. Of course, you want to constantly improve your Japanese level, but don’t forget to improve your concentration too!

Book review: 『アウトプット大全』by Shion KABASAWA

About the book Title: 学びを結果に変える アウトプット大全. English title: The Power of Output: How to Change Learning to Outcome.Author: Shion KABASAWA 樺沢紫苑Published by Sanctuary Books Shion KABASAWA is a psychiatrist, author, youtuber and critic. He is very active on Twitter, YouTube and his blog. Following the publication of 『アウトプット大全』 in 2018, he wrote “The Power of Input: How to Maximize Learning” this year. Review 『アウトプット大全』 is about the importance of output and how it can make your learning process more efficient and help you to grow and get better results. The book is divided into five chapters: Chapter 1: アウトプットの基本法則 (Rules) Chapter 2: 科学に裏付けられた、伝わる話し方 (Talk) Chapter 3: 能力を最大限に引き出す書き方 (Write) Chapter 4: 圧倒的に結果を出す人の行動力 (Do) Chapter 5: アウトプット力を高める7つのトレーニング法 (Training) There were parts of the book that I found very interesting and useful, and parts that I found completely irrelevant to me. First of all, I really liked the main point of the book and thought that it was exactly what I needed. My learning process is almost exclusively based on input, so I was curious to know how I could add …