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Japanese song: Baibaba Bimba by Tenniscoats

Today is a cloudy day, with big grey clouds crawling over grey buildings. It looks like a perfect day to listen to Tenniscoats’ old songs and feel both melancholic and creative.

There are not much lyrics, only a few lines:


I had to check three words because I didn’t know their pronunciation. 閃光・せんこう is a glint of light, 瞬く・またたく means “to wink” and 水蒸気・すいじょうき is “vapour”, “steam”. I think she sings “いい匂いして” or something like that, instead of what is written above.

When she drums on the guitar, the guitarist says something that could be マイクが入っているよ…?? I am really not sure, I should stop watching YouTube videos and do some listening exercises for the JLPT 😫! But I find this kind of calm and repetitive song perfect to listen to while studying, especially on a cloudy November day.

Anyway, I will not venture in a translation of these lines and leave you with the images or feelings it evokes to you.


  1. Hitoshi says

    Hello, I am Japanese.
    いい匂いして means that smelling something good.
    マイクがはいっているよ is correct. It means that there is a microphone (in the guitar).
    So the guitarist let her notice that is why she looks like “Oops!”
    Thank you for good articles!

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  2. Hi, a very nice post! Loved it. This is one of my most favorite songs. I often listen to it when I am down. And also in gloomy weather when I have to study/work. Also, I have listened to this song over a thousand times, and I still don’t know the meaning of this song. 😀

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    • Thank you for your comment! Today seems like a perfect day to listen to this song, as it is grey and cold outside 🙂


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