Day: May 22, 2017


From p.53 to 59. In this new story, Maichan has to go to the housewarming party of the managing director, as promised in the previous story. Even though it is Sunday, she has to give away this “part of her life” to work. Vocabulary: おおげさ grandiose, exagerated 帳消し・ちょうけし cancellation, writing off 媚・こび flattery, cajolery So, Maichan is ready to pretend being interesting in her chief’s son to keep smooth working relationship but she won’t go as far as flattering the dog to please the manager. 接待・せったい I think it means entertaining a guest, especially in a working context, when you have to treat a business partner for example. But here, I guess it just means to eat and drink. 唄う・うたう just another way to write 歌う 😤 Expressions: そろそろ起きなくちゃ: That’s what I should tell myself every morning in Japanese! これでもあたし、営業よ。That’s what Maichan says when they talk about knowing recent songs. Is it a way to say “know a thing or two about”?

Those things that are more than objects

One way of staying motivated when learning a new language is to have physical objects related to the country. It is certainly not the biggest motivation booster than one can find, but it is a little something that does add some fuel to your motivation on a daily basis. At least, it works for me. For example, I recently got a new phone case: In fact, I don’t think that I would have bought a phone case with a character on it, if I were not learning Japanese. Somehow, having this phone case reminds me that I am different today from what I was before I started learning Japanese. By learning a new language, you acquire not only a new knowledge, but a key to a whole world. You have access to a new culture, new hobbies and new passions. It literally broaden the range of your possibilities. I didn’t learn Japanese because I was fan of Japanese manga but I started to read manga because I was learning Japanese and thought that it might …