Day: May 17, 2017


From page 150 to 166. Finally, the first confrontation between Yasumasa and Junichi. 裾・すそ cuff, hem, fringe パタパタ  sound of something thin and light moving through the air 腋・わき I knew the kanji 脇 but not this one. It means, armpit 速断・そくだん jumping to a conclusion 若僧・わかぞう youngster 舶来・はくらい imported, foreign-made イーゼル easel あぐらをかく to sit cross-legged 得体・えたい nature, character 粘着・ねんちゃく adhesion 消滅・しょうめつ extinguishment, termination 鬱陶しい・うっとうしい irritating, troublesome 宙・ちゅう space, air, midair 安易な・あんいな easy, simple 偽・にせ fake 偽装工作・ぎそうこうさく diversionary tactics, disguise 陰毛・いんもう pubic hair 顕微鏡・けんびきょう microscope I like those parts only composed of dialogues. They are easy to read! And that’s the end of chapter 3. I would say that now Yasumasa has an overall view of the situation. I wonder how he will concretely act. And I wonder what Kaga thinks!