Day: May 6, 2017


My reading notes for the 6th story of すーちゃん, p.39 to 45. Reading Notes Suchan’s mother asks “彼氏はおらんの?” I guess that she is asking her daughter whether she has a boyfriend or not but I don’t understand the structure. Same for Suchan’s answer, she says that whether she has a boyfriend or not, it has nothing to do with her mother (her mother should not be sticking her nose into it). だもん I found だもんで which means “because of that” きっかけ chance, occasion 早番・はやばん early shift 遅番・おそばん late shift 親密・しんみつ intimacy, friendship ビミョー・微妙・びみょう delicate, difficult, complicated 終わってゆくんだ・おわってゆくんだ is ゆく used instead of いく? ネコババ pocketing, misappropriation, stealing. I remember that Suchan evokes Bridget Jones when she starts her diary. Well, that’s how she should seduce manager Nakata! 😉 Expressions worth remembering If I remember only one thing from this chapter, let it be ネコババ!


The second part of chapter 3 goes from p.105 to 119 Reading Notes 遠縁・とおえん distant relative ノイローゼ neurosis 性に合う・せいにあう to be congenial, to agree with one 所轄・しょかつ jurisdiction こだわる to fuss over, to be particular about (it already appeared in the precedent part but I didn’t remember it 😫) 気のせい・きのせい in one’s imagination 封印・ふういん to stamp, to affix a seal 蘇る・よみがえる to be recalled (memories), to be revived, restored 脳裏・のうり one’s mind 呂律・ろれつ articulation 祭壇・さいだん altar 克明・こくめい detailed, faithful, accurate 掴む・つかむ to seize, to catch, to grab, to understand, to grasp. 踏む・ふむ here, it certainly means: “to estimate” 警視庁・けいしちょう Metropolitan Police Department 結成・けっせい formation 所轄・しょかつ jurisdiction There is a difficult part p.109. It seems that the police department would not have taken the risk to form an investigation team because proofs for a murder case were not sufficient, but for the Nerima jurisdiction, an investigation team was already formed because of another murder which took place some time ago. 睫・まつげ eyelashes 引き金・ひきがね “trigger” appears again! I think I’ll remember it this time! 未練・みれん reluctance 特定・とくてい specific, particular 引き留める・ひきとめる to detain 羽織る・はおる to put on 襟・えり neck, collar さりげない・さりげない nonchalant, unconcerned, in a casual …