reading notes, 星の王子さま
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A photo of the book cover of 星の王子さま, the Japanese version of Le Petit Prince

Notes for 星の王子さま~2 are here.

Where the narrator hears for the first time the words “other planet” and try to know more about where the Little Prince comes from. p.17 to 21.

Reading notes

  • 何もかも・なにもかも everything
  • たまたま accidentally, by chance
  • つながる・繋がる to be tied together, to be connected

“飛行機は描かないでおく” I wasn’t aware you could use the ておく grammar with a negative form.

  • 大声・おおごえ typically the kind of words for which, if you haven’t learned them, you can guess the meaning but not necessarily the pronunciation.
  • 腹が立つ・はらがたつ to get angry, to take offense

We found again the word for emergency landing: 不時着・ふじちゃく I had almost forgotten it!

  • 災難・さいなん misfortune
  • ハッとする be taken aback, surprised
  • ひとすい・一筋 means a long straight object, so combined with 光・ひかり it certainly means a ray of light
  • 差す・さす to shine
  • すかさず without a moment’s delay
  • よそ another place, somewhere else
  • 物思い・ものおもい reverie
  • しみじみ earnestly, deeply, heartily
  • かきたてる・掻き立てる to arouse (interest)
  • じっと motionlessly
  • 小屋・こや hut, cabin, animal pen
  • つなぐ・繋ぐ to tie, to fasten (we had 繋がる・つながる above)
  • 結ぶ・むすぶ to tie, to bind
  • 杭・くい stake
  • 申し出・もうしで proposal
  • 気にさわる・きにさわる to hurt one’s feeling

Expressions worth remembering

“まるでおかまいなしのようだった.” He didn’t seem to care at all (meaning here: he didn’t care answering the questions the narrator was asking him). おかまいなし means entre autres unconcerned.

“僕はどんなに興味をかきたてられたことだろう” I’ll try to remember the expression “to arouse interest” 興味を掻き立てる・きょうみをかきたてる

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