Day: April 25, 2017

A photo of JLPT N2 reading comprehension book and the first tome of One Piece

To stay motivated, don’t forget that language is only a tool.

The Learning process usually looks like: reading books (I don’t care about) in order to improve my reading skills Watch TV shows (even if I hate watching TV) in order to improve my listening skills write a diary (What happened today? Ah yes, I am writing my diary in order to improve my writing skills) in order to improve my writing skills talk to people (I have just met on a language exchange program and to whom I have really nothing to say) in order to improve my speaking skills. Well, it is not always like that, of course. I do enjoy books and some TV programs, and did meet some nice people on language exchange programs. But the point is, all of this is just the warm-up phase of your adventure with the language (I know… a very long warm-up phase but what are some years of struggle to a lifetime of using the language?). The best way to lose one’s motivation is to think that you are still not done with the warm-up …