reading notes, 星の王子さま
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A photo of the book cover of 星の王子さま, the Japanese version of Le Petit Prince
  • 原生林・げんせいりん Virgin forest
  • 猛獣・もうじゅう wild animal
  • 大蛇・だいじゃ big snake
  • 再現・さいげん reproduction
  • えもの・獲物 prey
  • まるごと・丸ごと in its entirety
  • 冒険・ぼうけん adventure

p8. …絵を描きあげた The あげる here is not «to give» (in this case, it would be 描いてあげた but «to be finished, completed» which is constucted with -masu stem.

  • 傑作・けっさく masterpiece
  • めざす・目指す to aim at
  • 操縦・そうじゅう flying a plane
  • 見わける・みわける to recognize
  • 持ち歩く・もちあるく to carry with oneself
  • 冴える・さえる to be clear-headed
  • トランプ is not Trump but playing cards

My notes for the second part.


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