Day: April 23, 2017

A photo of the book cover of 星の王子さま, the Japanese version of Le Petit Prince


原生林・げんせいりん Virgin forest 猛獣・もうじゅう wild animal 大蛇・だいじゃ big snake 再現・さいげん reproduction えもの・獲物 prey まるごと・丸ごと in its entirety 冒険・ぼうけん adventure p8. …絵を描きあげた The あげる here is not «to give» (in this case, it would be 描いてあげた but «to be finished, completed» which is constucted with -masu stem. 傑作・けっさく masterpiece めざす・目指す to aim at 操縦・そうじゅう flying a plane 見わける・みわける to recognize 持ち歩く・もちあるく to carry with oneself 冴える・さえる to be clear-headed トランプ is not Trump but playing cards My notes for the second part.  


My reading notes for the third story of すーちゃん by Masuda Miri. (p19 to 24) 気合を入れる・きあいをいれる means to motivate oneself, to give it one’s all. I had learnt this expression in one of my N2 books but it is the first time I encounter it. Maichan says 行くぞ・いくぞ to herself. I thought ぞ was very rude and only used by men. Maybe it’s ok to use it when talking to yourself, especially to say 行くぞ, it certainly emphasis your resolution.     ~がらみ related to…, concerning… 懇親会・こんしんかい friendly reunion, get-together 小娘・こむすめ Young girl 岡村・おかむら Maichan’s family name is Okamura 谷田・たにた Maichan’s chef is called Tanita… I wish I were more familiar with japanese name… so frustrating to see a name and not being able to pronounce it… 蒼き・あおき name 異動・いどう means «change», but it certainly is a shortcut for 人事異動・じんじいどう which means staff reassignment and happens at the end of the fiscal year (end of march) 沢山 is たくさん… 喋る・しゃべる to talk, to chat. (I should learn the kanji even for words that are usually written using kana alone…) 塚本・つかもと Name 得する・とくする to …

Becoming a Genius overnight…

…is difficult but don’t give up and keep trying! Somedays, I wake up and I have become a Genius overnight. I know I can read anything in japanese, I just need to trust myself! So, I get prepared and head to a bookshop, eager to test my new ability. I pick a book which looks nice, not bothering about the fact that this book is far beyond my level, Genius can’t be bothered by such commun thoughts. I can’t wait to know what it feels to read fluently in japanese, so I open my book in the metro and start reading, thinking that I may be impressing people around me, hehe. That’s when my newly acquired Genius begins to fade. Finally, this book will join its friends on the books I’ll read leater bookshelf… Well, I guess that more study and reading practice will help me light that light bulb for good!