Day: April 20, 2017

Stay motivated

Sometimes, I wake up in the morning ready to make a great day of that day. I know exactly what I want to do, how I will do it and why I do it. I don’t ask myself what’s the meaning of life, it seems my goals are worth it, I am following a path, I am powerful. Wake up and…. … Ready to go! But sometimes, I don’t want to get up at all, the goals of the previous day seem meaningless, I don’t even know why I’m doing what I am doing, at the end we are going to die anyway so what’s the point of learning anything at all. Let me stay in bed… I wish someone else could live my life instead of me. I thought a category to stay motivated would help me to stay motivated, that’s why I created it.

My three daily anki decks 1: words

Like the majority of japanese learners (at least, I think so but I may be wrong), one part of my daily learning routine is anki. I have three decks, one for words, one for kanji and one for grammar (that I started recently because I just couldn’t figure out how to remember every grammar point from N2). In this post, I will present my deck for japanese words. It has three entries : french, kanji and hiragana. Every note has three cards : French is displayed and I must say the word in japanese The reason why I choose not to display the hiragana is because I tend to look only at the hiragana to check my answer and if correct, move on to the next card without even look at the kanji. No wonder I do not recognize the word (kanji) when I see it in a book or anywhere else later… I use the «hint» function to hide the hiragana and force myself to first look at the kanji. As for checking the …