I’ve been learning Japanese and Korean for several years now (I am also starting Chinese!), and my goal is to read novels in these languages. I am a big fan of mystery and crime fiction. I am posting book reviews of the books I read in Japanese and Korean.

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I post regular updates of the books I am reading on Mastodon. I used to write monthly reading updates on this blog, but it is much easier for me to write regular smaller updates on Mastodon.

Latest book reviews

Book review: 『細い赤い糸』by Takashi Asuka

Winner of the MWJ Award of 1962. I found this book frustrating to read at first, because it was hard to see where the story was leading us. I started enjoying it more about halfway through and the end was quite good.

I have been writing this blog since 2017, and it has changed a lot over the years. I now focus entirely on writing book reviews, but I used to write about learning Japanese in general and passing the JLPT. You can find older posts and discontinued categories here:

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